Friday, October 28, 2011

Fitness Fridays: October 21-27

The Week in Review:

Change in weight from start at Friday morning weigh in: +1.6


Friday, October 21: Run 30 minutes

Saturday, October 22: Hatha yoga 1 hour, Elliptical 30 minutes

Sunday, October 23: off

Monday, October 24: Spin 45 minutes

Tuesday, October 25: Run 35 minutes (2.95 miles), Workout 1 from Complete Physique

Wednesday, October 26: Workout 2 from Complete Physique

Thursday, October 27: MEGA Spin class 45 minutes

Thoughts: This week had the most days in the week that I worked out, and I have to say, I feel great this week. I definitely overdid it on eating just about every day, but I will attribute those attacks for chocolate to my lady time! It felt great to get this all in!

I'm not happy about the weight gain (really, who would be?), but I am going to start fresh today with a new week and not look back - try to correct what may have gone wrong. But I'm feeling good, so that's the most important piece right now!

How was your week?

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